Life Coaching

Life Coach


Are you tired of being unhappy, stressed or stuck in a rut?

It can be all too easy to get stuck and become unhappy or frustrated with your life.

Transformative Life Coaching really helps you shift out of this rut and find true happiness again.

You were not born unhappy; it is a learned behaviour, fed by your thought patterns. It is therefore also possible for you to unlearn these thought patterns that generate your unhappy feelings.

The problem is most people simply continue to repeat the same thought patterns over and over again, and then wonder why they are always feeling the same way.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – Albert Einstein.

A Transformative Life Coach helps you see and do things differently by giving you perspective on your life and what you ‘truly’ want, not what you may ‘think’ you want.


What type of story do you tell?

Everyone has some sort of internal dialogue going on. Every day you tell yourself stories using your thoughts, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. These thoughts then create feelings which relate directly to what you told yourself about something.

This can be directed in a positive or negative way.

A really basic example of this would be if two people were called into their boss’s office.

Person ‘A’ thinks “Oh no what have I done?” and as a result they feel bad.

Person ‘B’ thinks “I bet this is to thank me for my hard work, I may even get a bonus” and as a result they feel good.

Now the scenario is the same for both people, but the way they think about it is completely different. These different though patterns result in different feelings, i.e. simply bad or good in this basic example.

Now many people won’t notice the story upon story they tell themselves on a daily basis, but they will generally know how they feel.

Through transformative coaching, I will help you become aware of your internal story, and then change it to one that positively serves you. In turn you feel better about yourself, and life in general.

Now what about your external dialogue you may ask? Well your external dialogue is a direct reflection of your internal dialogue. So you will also find that you no longer tell those same old stories to friends, family, colleagues etc.


What can Transformative Life Coaching do for me?

Some people may be sceptical about going to a life coach. “What does a life coach actually do?” they may ask.

Transformative Life Coaching involves your coach helping and empowering you to create a happy, balanced, fulfilling life. I will provide you with all the necessary tools to do this, and give all the power back to you.

I know the right questions to ask, and I use specialist techniques and natural intuition to help you.

I will not put my map of the world onto you, I will stay objective and guide you to self realisations. You are the only expert in your life, you have just got side-tracked somewhere along the way. I will help you remember who you truly are, and what makes you truly happy.

First we will examine what is going on for you at present, including any perceived obstacles or challenges.

From then we will focus on future possibilities for you, in relation to the areas you want to improve.

We will NOT analyse your past, that is counselling and is profoundly different from Transformative Life Coaching.

Throughout the process you will realise your own self worth and become more confident in yourself.


Why is Transformative Coaching so effective?

A gentleman named Robert Dilts developed something called Neurological Levels of Change model.

This model works its way up from Environment, to Behaviour, Skills, Values, Identity and finally to Purpose or Spirituality – essentially something at a higher level than just you.

Some coaches will coach from the bottom three levels of this model, so they will help you work on environmental factors, behaviours and skills. Whilst this can be useful, the results can be limited.

The Transformational Coaching that I give works on the higher levels, namely values and identity. The amazing thing here is that by getting in touch with yourself at identity level, the things that have been troubling you at the levels below i.e. environment etc, suddenly start improving and falling in line with you really are.

The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with yourself! All other relationships will be a reflection of this. So by improving your relationship with yourself up at the level of Identity, you therefore improve numerous other areas of your life.

You will find that various issues that seemed unrelated, were actually connected by an issue that was the root cause, and by fixing the root cause you fix numerous issues that were related in some way.


This is change from the inside out!

Most people try and improve their lives by changing things on the outside, i.e. if I get that new car, partner, house, job etc, ‘then’ I will then be happy.

The problem here is that type of ‘happiness’ wears off very quickly.

However, when you change on the inside, you become happy regardless!

I will help you get out of your head and into your heart, and live your life from there.


Transformational Coaching is not for everyone!

Some people are not ready to change their life for the better, they’re not committed or strong enough to let go of their old ways.

Some people hit rock bottom before they commit to change, and they ask themselves “why did I let things get so bad in the first place?”

Other people just decide they have had enough, draw the line in the sand and commit to change right now.


What will I need to do during the process?

The success of the coaching depends not only on the skills of the coach, but it also highly depends on you. It is a two way process. A coach isn’t a miracle worker, they need your input as much as you require theirs.


To get best results you need to:

Truly have the drive and desire to change.

Be willing to push beyond your current comfort zone.

Be open minded to other possibilities.

Be open and honest with me.


How many sessions will I need?

The complete coaching package from start to finish is 10 sessions, with generally one week between each session.

Completing all 10 sessions gives maximum results.

Some people prefer to have two weeks between sessions, so I am completely flexible to suit your needs.

On the other hand, some people may wish to opt for intensive coaching which can be done over a much shorter time frame. This can even be in the form of a weekend package where we move through each session in a progressive order one after the other from start to finish over a weekend. If this is something you are interested in then we can look at how viable it is in relation to your goals and desires.


How long is each session?

Each session will last up to an hour.

There is no ‘exact’ time frame as no two sessions are ever the same.

Sessions are tailored to each person’s needs.


What if I don’t live near you or I don’t want to travel?

I will coach you through a video call using technology such as Skype or FaceTime so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, I can help you.

If however you are near Glasgow City Centre and you would prefer to meet face to face then that’s perfect too.


Will I feel safe and supported throughout the coaching?

Yes, I will support you and help you feel safe during every session.


Contact me now and we can arrange a time that’s suitable for us to talk things over. This lets us gauge if we are both comfy working with each other. It also lets us judge if we have rapport with each other, as this is a crucial element for the coaching to be successful.