Cope with Divorce

Life Coach


Real Help For People In Pain.

I personally have been through a divorce and can sympathise with anyone affected by divorce or separation.

Using my skills as a Hypnotherapist and a Life Coach, I promise I can give you real help and relief, from the pain of divorce or separation.

My service has nothing to do with any legal matters, but it has everything to do with your emotional matters.

You will feel better, fast!


Stop the emotional pain you feel from divorce or separation.

Going through, or having gone through a divorce or separation can be emotionally painful.

I can help you feel better emotionally, which also has the benefit of allowing you to make better decisions during this time in your life.

You may choose my Hypnotherapy sessions for a quick fix, or my Life Coaching sessions for a more in-depth and thorough fix.


Help your children feel better too.

If you have children, you know how much divorce can affect them too. In a nutshell if you feel better, then they generally feel better too.

Children pick up on your emotions, so let them pick up on good ones!


Rediscover who you are.

For the past while you may have been a Wife, Husband, Partner, Mother, or Father.

But now who are you? Do you feel like you have lost part or all of your identity?

That’s where I come in. I can help you find out who you truly are.


Reinvent yourself and your life.

As well as rediscovering who you truly are, I can help you reinvent yourself and create the future life that you desire.

I have helped many people create a life that they never thought possible.

Free yourself from self doubt and limitations. Stop looking for happiness down all the wrong paths.

I will help you discover what truly makes you happy and watch as good things fall into place.


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