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Easily and Quickly Overcome Your Fears.

It has been reported that people are born with only two fears; the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. These two fears serve to keep us alive, and are part of our DNA.

Any other fears you may experience have been picked up throughout your life. They may have originated from traumatic experiences, or they may be fears learned from your parents.

It is believed that the majority of people have learned fears that interferes with their life in some way.


You are not stuck with your fears!

The good news is that you can easily free yourself from your learned fears!

Normally you push fear down inside of you, and over time the fear gets distorted, increasing in significance and relevance. It can become stronger, sometimes impacting your life without you even consciously realising it. At other times you are well aware of how it negatively affects you!

The fear can take on a life of its own, and you become afraid of fear itself! In other words you fear the feeling of fear.

Things can also become worse as it forms a habit, repeating itself over and over again. Your mind doesn’t realise that the event which initially triggered the fear reaction is in the past, and it therefore tries to protect you each and every time you encounter, or think of the same or similar event.


Fear can be irrational.

Your fear response may have served you at the time of the initial event, but it no longer serves its purpose.

Your thoughts create your feelings, and in relation to fear your thoughts are often irrational and unreasonable. You can feel fear even though you know on a conscious level that the fear is actually irrational. To make matters worse you also feel that you have no control over these feelings.

By changing your thoughts, you change your feelings, allowing you to rid yourself of the fear that is not truly a danger.

Many people allow fears to interfere with their life, without knowing that these fears can easily be removed with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a quick and easy process which allows you to finally let go of your fears.


I can help you find relief.

I provide hypnotherapy sessions to specifically give you relief from your learned irrational fears.

During our hypnotherapy session I will help you replace your learned associations (triggers) that invoke fear in certain areas of your life, with positive associations.

Many doctors prescribe medication to cover up the symptoms of fear, but this does not eliminate the actual fear. Using my skills as a hypnotherapist, I will help you eliminate your fears that do not represent real danger.

Hypnosis is natural and eliminates the symptoms of the fear easily and quickly. Eliminating fears can have a positive impact on many lives.

My hypnotherapy sessions are tailored specifically to you to achieve maximum results. Because each session is unique to you, they are far more effective than the generic pre-recorded audio recordings you can purchase.


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